Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Totally just got blog-featured on Polyvore! Crazy!

This is bad. (I was doing great for so long, having put p-vore on the backburner for at least the first couple weeks of the summer.) It's like dangling a carrot, or maybe in this case, a Christian Louboutin heel, right in front of me, right before I start my new job. It's only going to further propel my already deteriorating affinity for schoolwork and um, work in general. I have had this love affair with polyvore for about a year now. I'm doing okay, not great, but okay. Every day gets easier. In the beginning, I was spending, 2, 5, 7, 16 hours straight on it, pairing shoes with cute jumpers...then it became backgrounds matched with each earring and every accessory. That was when I knew I had a problem. I couldn't focus anymore.
But, I'm on the road to recovery and though I still struggle in exam season, sometimes hitting 10 to 15 sets a day, I've got a lotta hope.

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