Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I want to be an Everything-Genius.

I made this top! It ended up looking far more formal than previously planned, but I have come to like it more than what was in my head! Lol. I have been sewing lots and making lots of my own creations. But I have a problem: I just want to know everything...and um, now. I still have so much to learn when it comes to sewing, I do know the foundations,...but there is so much still to learn. The learning part is proving to somehow, be pretty tedious and monotonous fun...when in most cases, frustration muddies my drive to fully learn certain things. :) | I have come to learn in the past year or so that I have very lacking patience. Whether I'm waiting for a divine sign to tell me what to do with my life or waiting for my nails to dry, (I am notorious for messing up my nails in every single painting session. You'd think i would learn to sit still? Too many sparkley things sit in my room that I just need to touch.) I itch to just have it done or understood. Similarly, in sewing, I want to just "get it". BUT, alas, I will let my better judgment take over on this one: to stick with it. Because I truly do love it and the results totally outweigh any small streak hours of frustration.
Take That is my inspiration. They keep me going.

Such awk-mo pics. lol oh well.

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