Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I miss it....

I miss summer already. The first day of fall is September 22...that was a bit over two weeks ago. How am I already feeling nostalgic of something that was so recent? I miss images of boyfriend Eric covering himself up while we tan, watching the drawbridge in Port Stanley go up and down, marble slab trips with Jerrica, I miss seeing brides in parks, movie nights in my bed with a bag pure sugar goodness with Jerri, all the time in the world with Jerri, going to the theatre lots, picnics, road trips, cottage life, the smell of Hawaiian Tropic, polo matches, weddings, watching Grayson discover grass, seeing Jer in her beautiful prom dress, teaching kids how to sing, discovering new people in new countries, Colombia, wearing sandals, eating breakfast on the porch, Helen Shaw park, beach, making bikinis, having my Eric live only 15 minutes away, seeing the Andes mountains, Stratford, making lists of things to accomplish with Ayla...that always get put off due to comfy beds and pillow talks, days of endless family fun, "Phew...It's hot out here!" cakes....

I figure I'm going against all modesty in posting a bikini-picture...I have never posted a photo of myself in 'swimwear' in the internet. But then I thought: any scandalousness was compensated for with my face.

Oh, by the way, I'm avoiding studying right now.


  1. and it seems that we haven't even had one of those cozy pillow talks in awhile. Miss you and love you tons! Love Ayla