Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Girls.

The day according to Richelle and Jerrica...

One day two young girls found themselves in an enchanted fortress. It housed glowing chandeliers and endless corridors. They explored and considered the countless and undoubtedly wonderful events that had taken place there for centuries before their arrival. Out the age-beaten, frosted glass and over the weakened wood sill, hid a (seemingly) divinely created and eerily appealing garden. Looking on with amazement, they let themselves become spellbound by the intricate details on each bannister post, each faded marble step and every waft of bewitching air....

jeans | cosablanca
belt | vintage
leather jacket | rw & Co.
flats | spring
scarf | vintage

No matter what I say in this first post, I'll sound lame...a story seemed less intimidating.... : )

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