Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frida Safari

like clothes. A lot. While I mostly enjoy coming up with creations compiled of thrift store finds and cheap pearls, I have a very real and romantic love for high fashion.Gucci's Spring/Summer 2009 Collection this year has me. (Well, technically last year if you count in designer years.) (It technically was first born a year ago, early June - If you're not ahead, you're behind I guess!) Not always being a fan of Gucci, I was absolutely stunned. Considering that it was the RTW line, this may explain my attraction. I want to wear every piece. ~ I think Gucci struggled during the "reign" of Alessandra Facchinetti who produced far too many metallics for anyone's health and simply lacked the 'oomph' factor Tom Ford had previously propagated. On the bright side, along came Frida Giannini! Personally, she has recently grown on me...however, she is, to this day, still fighting for the props she deserves. This being said, she has been earning her name in a post-Ford world since gaining the Creative Director position at Gucci circa 2005 (again, in designer years, time is warped and people are snooty. It takes a l-o-n-g mother time to be even slightly appreciated, and you better produce your collections 8 years in advance!). Needless to say, when the Spring/Summer Collection was released, my heart shuttered: I love everything about it - and it has been a while since I have truly loved and enjoyed something from Gucci. The bright, exotic colours and the safari-esk backbone to the line have such a fun result on the entire "semblance" of the show. J'adore!
Have a good day!
^ Ps: I love Lily Donaldson.

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