Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Something old, something (re)new(ed), something borrowed, something....green?

Mixing the wonderfulness of accessories and all things pretty with that of environmental consciousness. ...Without having to weave purses of eucalyptus leaves or fashion recycled bottle caps for rings, I've sorta found you truly can enjoy sparkley things and oo-la-la-ness in earth conserving ways ~ I am not a poser and will not pretend I do enough for the environment. However, I like the world. And recently, I have been realizing I should show it I like it...a lot more than I have been; in the words of Diana Ross, love is give and take. At this wicked site, it gives you a handful of really great ideas of how to tackle the whole being-pretty-and-smart deal. Reuse, reuse, reuse. Vintage: I especially enjoy the idea of finding new old-finds or remodeling an item you already have and challenging yourself into using it in a different way. Par exemple! I revamped an old riding jacket I had from my yesteryear by buying a mere 6 gold ornated buttons....I replaced the worn silver clips with these and wa-BAm, it genuinely looked new. (Another joy of mine, finding something you forgot was yours: yessssss.)


This is Planet Green: I regularly look at this site...it offers simple suggestions and new "takes" on how to approach a suffering world and make little (or big) changes. They partner with NGO's to develop a web of communication through this common theme of environmental maintenance....What I really appreciate is their realism and very 'everyday' sort of reflections, nothing too unattainable. Just "motivating individuals to take action when it comes to improving the environmental status of our planet."

I am a hoarder. I hoard. I have also been (unfairly) called a pack rat. I can't give things away and it's something I'm working on. I applaud you who can. I always hold the dim, but blithe prospect that a certain questionable item will, at some point, become cute again. No matter what anyone says, fashion is cyclic. What once was fashionable, has the undeniable possibility of making a resurgence (despite the formidable qualities windbreakers, banana clips and shoulder padding currently have in your eyes, they will one day join the 'vintage-cute' circles, not yet, definitely not yet, but one day.). Hence my fear of giving something away that may once again be fabulous! (Joy #311: proclaiming something is vintage when really, it doesn't quite make the old-enough mark - still stuck in the Thrift store purgatory - but it's justified by it's cuteness.) As I'm always unwelcomely reminded by my boyfriend in any moment of shopping weakness or quotidian conversation, it's a "recession", I am offended. My retort being, "Precisely why I must keep my old clothes and invest in my longterm future by buying new pieces." That's what I call planning ahead. Recession-shmesession.

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